About Us

Dear Visitors,

It is our pleasure to welcome you to our aviation museum. Since its foundation in 1993, the aviation museum has grown a lot. What started as a hobby of a father and his son has grown into a museum containing exhibits divided into six categories: planes, helicopters, tanks, armored personnel carriers, cannons and replicas. The great number of complimentary entries in the visitors´ book obliges us to ensure that this remarkable growth will continue, offering our guests something new every year.

The most recent acquisition to the museum exhibits is TU-104 that has been installed near the museum entrance, partially sticking out towards the parking lot. This has been done on purpose as its wings are aimed to provide shade for your cars.

This year, some changes are planned to the basic zone, namely the installation of the L-410 cockpit fully equipped with a control panel. In addition, the basic zone will be enriched with the Ibis aircraft, originally located in the depository. Ibis will provide you with a shelter in case of summer showers. We also hope to manage to do something about the muddy terrain occurring in the museum after stronger rains.

Perhaps some visitors may ask why there are two touring circuits: small and big. Surprisingly, the main reason is the fact that unfortunately, not all visitors are willing to observe (and even only to read) the four simple museum rules. So the division into basic and special museum zones simply helps the museum staff to ensure safety for the visitors and to protect the museum exhibits. The special zone contains some unique pieces; therefore, it is recommended for experts, real fans of aviation technology.

This short letter has just given a little example of how we are going to improve the museum this year, so that both aviation experts and lay persons visiting us are fully satisfied. Still, if there is something special or extra we can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact us. Whether you are a multi-year repeat guest or a first-time visitor to the museum, we always appreciate the opportunity to exceed your expectations.


The Tarantíks – Father and Son.

Karel Tarantík - founder of the Air Park

Karel Tarantík – founder of the Air Park