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Air Park – Aviation Museum Based in Zruč, the Pilsen Region

This remarkable museum of technology is a private collection gathered by the Tarantík family. Karel Tarantík and his son Miloš established the Air Park museum in 1993 and since then, they have enhanced it a lot. The wide range and high quality of exhibits make Air Park one of the most popular technology museums in the Czech Republic. Visitors to the museum are even allowed to get in many of the exhibits, such as tanks and aircraft including helicopters.

The aviation museum is divided into three zones:

  • basic zone (recommended for general public)
  • special zone (recommended for fans of aviation technology)
  • depository zone (special permission required)

Important! Please, help the museum staff protect the exhibits by observing these Museum Rules.

You are cordially invited to visit the aviation museum!

Karel and Miloš Tarantík


Air Park 2015
Air Park 2015